Welcome to Ferry Point a Mixed Use Area

Various Views from the Ferry Point Area of Throggs Neck, The Bronx, New York
Originally the site of the first residential home in the Bronx, this area was then a few farms. Thirty Three 25x100 ft. lots were given to Mr. Wenner by his wifes dowery. These were sold and built on around the 1913-1920's by mostly Tradesmen; Boat Builders, Plumbers, Carpenters etc. Then it was changed to Mixed Use which invited Warehouses and lately Distribution Facilities and now Retail.The original 33 lots still exist as residential with families florishing. Some were vacant and had our population doubled due to attached three family homes around 2005. Recently 2014 it now doubled again with the addition of 95 Homeless families at the old Capri Motel.

A Residence & Meeting Place
722 Brush Avenue
Bronx, New York 10465

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Oct. 2013
There has been so much going on in this area I have prepared a powerpoint and placed it on a "Drop Box" site.
the link to all the development in the 5 miles along Westchester CReek and the Hutchinson River Parkway Corridor is: 
(Condensed for Bronx Times Reporter)
The Ferry Point Community Advocates UPDATE


We first want to say goodbye and thank you to our Vice President Stephanie Gonzalez  and her family. They will be moving from

our neighborhood and we will miss their help and input into our many projects and concerns.

She leaves the same VP position open as Victor Ocasio did a few years ago when he moved. We have voted in an acting VP and will make it final soon.

There is a great deal going on in our neighborhood of Ferry Point. Here is an update.

Coming Soon: Of course there is the projected Golf Course, The coming Target Shopping Center, The Woodbury Commons type Mall,

the future work on the Unionport Bridge and the restroom and water construction in our Park. In these matter we keep a photo archive,

attend whatever meetings we are allowed to participate in and give time to reporters and writers that need info on these topics. Many

times we will accompany a reporter to help them find locations, access for photos and or interviews.

Animals: There is the ongoing spay /neuter/adoption of our neighborhood cats. I just attended a seminar to re certify as a TNR Rescuer

with Neighborhood Cats and ASPCA. We encourage Brush Avenue area residents to call us 917-741-2768 to report any new cats in the

neighborhood so we can neuter them before the cycle of kitten’s starts again. There are no “un fixed” females and only two new males

that need to be “fixed”. (In our Colony)

BAAC: Our Brush Ave. Action Committee was also responsible for notifying a portion of our area that they were being excluded from the

IBZ new boundary map. Since then we have been supporting the request by our business and residential neighbors along Yznaga Place

and Brush Avenue (from Schley to Yznaga) to stay in the boundaries of the IBZ (industrial business zone) designation. We entered comments

within deadline online (thanks for follow through to Joanne Miller ).This is an M-1 zoned area and there is no reason to remove them from

this status. We thank CB10 for their letter to the Boundary Commission and to the Economic Development Committee for inviting

representatives from this Commission and SOBRO to their next Meeting to discuss this situation. We will attend the Oct. Committee

meeting where the BOEDC/or Boundary Commission rep. will be available. CB10 was very open to work with SOBRO and we see a

great cooperation between the two in the future. SOBRO reps. were very informative and we will be sitting with our rep. soon to

network and see how we can help them help our industrial zone.

Parking: There is also questionable ticketing of (I counted 11 cars) across from Home Depot on Brush Avenue during the day. I can’t

see any reason for those tickets and will be discussing with the businesses in that area. We have been reading about the problems

with overnight parking of trailer trucks in CB10. Luckily we have eliminated this problem years ago by placing the no parking 10am-5am

signs that we saw on Zerega near the sanitation depot (thank you Jimmy Vacca). We later had to enforce them due to the needed

clarification that “US Mail Trucks do not get courtesy parking privileges” (thank you Jeff Klein). We are still working on the problem

with HOPenn delivery trucks idling overnight waiting to drop off parts across from children trying to sleep.

Maintenance: As for repairs:  We had the dangerous catch basin on Brush and Schley replaced (nicely) and the holes filled in front

of the homes from 680 to 710 Brush (Badly). (Thank you 311 and CB10). We have been working with Ciminello Properties on various

dust abatement and graffiti removals with great success and are now working with them to clear up the pallets and debris behind Home Depot along Brush Avenue.

Relocating: Art Forms at 711 Brush Ave. will be relocating soon and BJ’s still holds the lease from when it was Pro Foods. We are

always afraid of who will come across the street from our homes but we leave it to Ciminello Properties to choose the most non

invasive tenant.

The Bus Company on the corner of Brush and Bruckner will “really” be moving. Ciminello Properties has notified us that even though

there were delays in the building of the new location for the school bus co. the Nov. date is still viable.

The Senior Care Ambulette Co. says it will be relocating but that remains to be seen. We would welcome their move because they are

working from an office in an M-1 zone with little if any parking for their employees. These employees are in the habit of emptying debris

from their personal cars into our streets morning and night. Also their fleet takes up the two sides of Brush most of the day with frequent

double parking, open doors with inconsiderate conversations happening in the middle of the street (making traffic bog down and enter

oncoming lanes).

Street Trees: We are having a dilemma as to the care of the street trees along 711 Brush Avenue. We need them cared for. We have

personally done it a few times; we even spent 45 minutes each night watering flowers (Thank you Sal Profita) with hoses that kept

getting damaged from vehicles. We have had community service volunteer’s care for them a few times (thank you Tom Accomando Jr. and friend).

The tenant Art Forms then had a caretaker caring for them. We now have to ask the City to come and weed and mulch around these ten street trees.

Graffiti : Suddenly has become a bit of a problem in our area....we believe it is connected with the new soccer leagues that have entered

FP Park on Saturdays, we could be wrong but that is when it blossomed. We hope to design a flyer and send out a E-blast to the industrial

businesses to help the appearance of the area by removing this mess ASAP.

Traffic: We are happy to hear Community Board Ten expressing the same concerns as we have on the haphazard way this limited access

Brush Avenue Development has been allowed. With all the proposed and in place constructions of very traffic laden malls and shopping center etc.

what is being done to keep traffic moving? Will the Unionport Bridge be widened? Will the overpass bridge from Lafayette to Castle hill ever happen?

Will the traffic back up into E. Tremont and surrounding areas? Will the Bruckner Interchange ever be completely re- addressed and designed to have

traffic move smoothly? Will these be the infrastructure jobs that are promised in the near future?

         3/23/2012     The Ferry Point Community Advocates is not only a Civic Group. We represent our residential neighbors and members while we also try our best t
o protect the entire mixed use area of Ferry Point. We are proud to have Dorothea (Dotti) Poggi-Profita as our Founder/President and congratulate her on her recent nomination
as one of the 25 Influential Women of the Bronx for 2012 (by the Bronx Times Reporter). Dotti was also sworn in by Gov. Crowley as the Vice Pres of The Bronx Council for
Environmental Quality on March 14 2012. This day celebrated the 40th Anniversary of BCEQ at their Annual Waterfront Conference. On April 20th Dotti will also represent
“Friends of Ferry Point Park” as she leads a group of 125 volunteers at Ferry Point Park West. 50 of these Community Service “Earth Day” students will add compost to the
900 plus daffodils at the Ferry Point 9/11 Memorial Hilltop Grove garden. 50 will be removing this season’s ongoing Hindu worship debris from the waterfront 25 will be
collecting hundreds of bottles and cans for recycling and 25 will be dragging debris from the wooded area. You are welcome to stop by that day to watch or participate.
The only requirements that we request you bring is a positive attitude and maybe a hat!.    We consider our street boundaries of Ferry Point from where the Park starts
along Balcolm Avenue and Emerson Ave. on the East, to Brush Avenue on the West. We include the connecting Waterways of Pugsley Creek, Westchester Creek, a portion
of the East River, Eastchester Bay and Hutchinson River. Of course we cannot achieve as much as we would like, so we continue to lead and help others in their quests t
o protect these common areas and causes. We communicate with the surrounding businesses and bridges and try to keep an open network of information flowing.
Some of the issues we are working on: 
    Feral Cats are a problem all over. Our TNR Cat Colony is doing well, Although the economy has reduced the amount of people willing to adopt, we have been able to
maintain the existing neutered and released cats in a safe, healthy environment.  I would like to note that we are some of the diversified heroic people who donate much
of their valuable time, caring and funds to practice the proven method of TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release). Any development of vacant lots causes displaced critters to roam
our streets and yards. Our various registered cat colonies of the Bronx are suffering from the cumulative impact of the slipping economy, budget cuts and reduced donations.
The fact that people have less money to spend on pets has increased the number of un neutered cats released and abandoned into our streets. The Bronx is on an
uncomfortable precipice of reversing all our success at humane feral cat population reduction and instead becoming the only Borough that has not yet addressed the situation
with a brick and mortar Animal Rescue building. Why? Why don’t our elected officials follow our lead and supply the animals of the Bronx with the care we have been showing
for many years now? Why hasn’t a building been designated as a place to tend to the much needed care of the animals of the Bronx? The mostly overwhelmed Cat Rescuers
will be meeting soon to brainstorm as to how we can step our Advocacy up a few notches. So far we feel together as the “Bronx TNR Task Force” we may be able to pull more
weight for the Cats of our Bronx neighborhoods then we are able to do separately. August 9th we succeeded in arranging a visit from the Toby Project Van which neuters and
spays feral cats free for the public and the TNR rescuers. We had a total of 24 cats and one puppy neutered that day. 9 of them were from Ferry Point area. They are doing well
and will not reproduce, fight or mark their territory in 3 weeks.  
  Community Board 10 has continued to support our request for a needed drainage study of the Brush Avenue area. This is an item in this year’s annual Capital Expense Budget
As some of you may know from various meetings, Brush Avenue has an advanced double line sewer running through it from at least Lafayette to Schley Avenue. This is an
expensive and rare situation in the Bronx. It was constructed around 1957 (under Robert Moses). The residents had to each pay for their connection to this new sewer at the
cost of a reported $900.00 and more for each home. Yet as the streets were raised 4 feet and economic development brought asphalt and concrete encapsulating our
small 3 block square community the catch basins were never placed and the drainage of Rain Water into the second line away from our homes was never addressed.  
As water finds its own level, and the level of everything except our homes has risen 4 feet, our washers, dryers, hot water heaters and oil burners are in danger. Dear neighbors,
please continue to add sump pumps to your homes to decrease any flooding which will cause mold and mildew and affect your family’s health.    
  Mixed use zoning is a bit confusing. Many of our members still question the zoning uses of this mixed use area. A few of us will be researching this. An example would be
the office space rented by an Ambulette company that uses both sides of Brush Avenue to run their vehicles from all day and up to 9pm. The drivers double park and open
their vehicle doors for conversations which causes a lane of traffic to cross the line onto oncoming traffic and slows down the northbound lane of Brush Ave. Their many
rivers also park on street which contributes to the congested area which is also used for the turning tractor trailers in a non truck route street. When we read the stipulations
for M-1 zoning, all activity related to the business site is supposed to be contained on site and enclosed. The use of Brush Avenue all day by Truck Parking/Heavy Equipment
delivery-repair-storage/UPS pedestrians-cabs-sidewalks-congestion-garbage/Hot Dog/Fruit vendor-shakes and future Target store.    
 Some of our members are questioning the amount of representation that we have on Community Board 10. We understand that we are a small population of residents but
we are a unique community of a 2 Bridges, a 410 acre Park (with no paid Administrator or Parks enforcement patrol),  2 waterways with only Grass roots Advocacy , industry,
manufacturing, warehouses, equipment rental and repair, Contractors, Parking, future retail. The Number of Representatives on CB10 Board for such a uniquely burdened
area of this district should be more than one. We recommend that our President who has applied many times, be considered for a seat on the board.   
  Many stakeholders of Brush Avenue ask “What’s up with the Whitestone Bridge?”The construction is part of the nearly $200 million, four-year project to rehabilitate 1, 785-feet
of roadway at the bridge’s Bronx approach. The project began in December 2008 and has included the construction of new foundations and 15 double-arch concrete piers
beneath the bridge. When work is completed later this year the Bronx approach to the bridge will have wider 12-foot lanes, new safety shoulders and new roadway lighting.
We had suggested an entrance from the Hutch. South service road to carry many trucks and vehicles directly onto the bridge instead of using “Ring Road” through FP Park to
be included in this project but there was no funding.   
 The Target/Simone Dev. Has posted their demolition permits and has started removal of the existing building which once served as a Bronx Bulk Mail Facility along Lafayette.
Building permits have been denied for some time now. BJ’s did not get the “go ahead” for retail in this congested area unless it was all underground....we understand that the
Target site has a ratio of below ground FAR that can be used as retail. We have assumed that much parking will be on the roof. We can only imagine from the information that
(CB10 chairperson) John Marano has been able to share, that CB10 has requested that the developers consider an added entranceway to the Bruckner Expressway past St.
Josephs that may eliminate some Truck traffic that would normally pass through E.Tremont along Country Club to enter 95 North. Ferry Point Community Advocates again states
that we request that any consideration of dollars spent as an amenity from this development be spent immediately in the area affected. Each time a 6 acre piece of our once
residential area is developed we get nothing in return except the privilege of living with more noise, pollution, beat up roads, knocked down signs, knocked over lampposts, less p
arking, more traffic etc. We can’t even get a bathroom in our 110 acre west side of ferry point. Shame on the “Powers that be” for being so limited in their designs for the future of
Ferry Point as it fits into the larger Throggs Neck community. You are crippling the arteries that run through your area by not considering our neighborhood. You need to improve
our roads, drainage, widen, name and redesign “Ring Road. You have to take seriously the immediate impact that Target will have on the existing businesses and residents of
Ferry Point. We also request to see the documents that address the future Target’s traffic study. We are mostly interested in 3 intersections. We ask to see the future designs for
the intersection of Brush and Bruckner and the intersection of Brush and Lafayette Ave. and the one on the Hutch South and Lafayette where there are ongoing severe accidents.  
  The FAA has been changing the flight patterns above our communities. Although they state they have not, a friend of mine witnessed the change as he traveled into NYC by plane
recently. At this time the height of our buildings are limited by the flight pattern. We must be vigilant that the height of construction along Brush Ave. does not change. Our small
neighborhood should not be allowed to be overshadowed by huge buildings.  
  The coming Golf Course entrance will be on the notorious “Ring Road” by 2013?. We will try to input into the design as it will definitely affect our community (hopefully for the better).
Friends of Ferry Point have shared their Phase 2 proposed Master Plan illustration (by the NYC Parks Department). We wonder if this will be the future design. We hope that an exit
onto the Bx Whitestone Bridge will be included in the design to help reduce the use of this Park road by many trucks that need to access the Bronx/Whitestone Bridge. This would
include the heavy laden trailers from Pepsi that we were promised would not ever pass in front of our homes on the non reinforced Brush Ave. How soon will we see the naming of
“Ring Road” and a “Cross Street” with the 311 and-911 operator availability that we have been requesting for years now. The safety of all travelers and park visitors that get stranded
there should be a priority.  Brush Ave. from Wenner Place to Jay Place has no cement or rebar foundation, yet the largest heaviest construction equipment and loaded tractor trailers
use it every day. (HOPenn and TOMCon, UPS, Pepsi and more) Since Pepsi we now have a dangerous situation of gas line, electric line and water & sewer lines all on the East side
of Brush Avenue in from of our wood framed homes. 
    Once just another ribbon cutting that we participated....now an impressive Park. “Ferry Point Community Park at Balcolm Avenue” is completed. Not only is it visually attractive, but
as part of the ongoing Future Golf Course Design it will serve as a dry basin type area that will be able to hold water runoff from rushing from the 20 or more foot high hills of the Golf
Course into our sewers during hurricanes etc. This non specific run off will have time to slowly absorb into the ground therefore reducing the amount of methane pushed up from
beneath the covered landfill at any given time. 
    The designs for the East FP Park Waterfront Crescent shaped Park are really impressive. The exciting use of this beautiful waterfront for various recreational uses in our community
is amazing. The designers have incorporated three basic pathways varying from a road to a nature walk, small bridges over wetlands, concrete canoe / kayak launch site, and urban
sandy beach, sitting areas, etc. Dotti expresses her wishes to be alive to enjoy this area and is advocating for a Water Taxi Type Ferry at this location that would open the area to many
visitors. There is no set timeline on this project.     As we continue our Advocacy for a cleaner Pugsley & Westchester Creek the NYC Environmental Protection Long Term Combined
Sewer Overflow Control Planning Project brings good news. The sewer enhancements at two locations along Eastchester Road and a new parallel sewer along Lacombe and White
Plains with added Green Infrastructure will be expected to bring benefits of reduced combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharges into Westchester and Pugsley Creeks. This will improve
water quality, enhance fish breeding and health, and reduce flooding. This $203.9 Million project is a welcome change to the water system in our area and we look forward to its success.
For more info contact us at 917-741-2768 or visit www.ferrypointcommunity.org


Basic History:
Ferry Point Community:
A  "Mixed use" area of Industry and Residential Homes.
Originally the 35 lots were given as a wedding present from Mr. Wenner to his daughter and son inlaw (1905?)
Parcels were purchased and re-purchased and developed by various people.
Located between Bruckner Blvd. and Schley Ave. along Brush Avenue.
This community is bordered on the East by the Hutchinson River Parkway
and West by Westchester Creek.
Brush Avenue is the main road through the Industry and the residential area of Ferry Point.
Brush Avenue runs (not quite a mile) from the Whitestone Cinema Entrance on the North Side of Bruckner Blvd. to
Schley Avenue which runs along the North Terminus of the West Side of Ferry Point Park. 
16 addresses on Brush Ave. and the 4 (1 tenth of a mile) residential streets that branch off to the East from Brush
Ave. are zoned R4A-1 with limited Growth. Wenner Place, Rohr Place, Senger Place, Jay Place.
The rest of the area is zoned M1-1 and M1-2.
Ferry Point Park:
This public Park offers stunning East River views of the Manhattan Skyline, Westchester Creek, Queens, and the East River.
We are lucky to have such a large park just a few minutes walk from our residential section.
The West side of this park is located at the South End of Brush Avenue. Our affiliated group "Friends of Ferry Point Park"
has represented this park for over 6 years and Dorothea Poggi continues the Advocacy of Catherine Poggi for this Park
as of 15 years ago.The main Park road "Ring Road" extends under the Bronx/Whitestone Bridge to the Easterly Section of
the Park that includes the land fill/Future Golf Course, Community Park and Waterfront Promenade. This East side of the
Park extends to Balcolm and Emerson Avenues.
Fur Fins & Feathersis an animal sanctuary and care group that evolved out of necessity. When the land for the Pepsi
Building was being plowed in and filled, all the mature trees were removed and the 70 year old Habitat for many animals
"Critters of many kinds" can out into the neighborhood for shelter and food. Once a sustainable habitat with water, a complete
food chain including berries/nuts/grasses/insects/lizards/and each other these animals lived for years without invading the
neighborhood garbage and or finding shelter in our yards. With the destruction of their habits, a few of us realized they were
multiplying at a fast rate. So we started collecting kittens, spay and neutering the cats finding homes for the kits and with
permission at the time from Parks Department (relocating many raccoons and opossums). 









  Memorial Day No Meeting·  2014

 Survey of needs distribution

Updated Newsletter & Email Blast to recorded Residents and Businesses of Ferry Point (Brush Ave. and vicinity) 

We will be going door to door this year to get a better inclusion of the "NEW"

residents of Ferry Point with their "NEW" needs ....!!

The weather has been extremely hot and then thunderstorms this time of year...not
exactly perfect for this task. We may change the timing on this project.
Community Board takes a break from meetings until September, so we are not
rushing this survey. Our goal is to complete this by August 1st.
This survey also includes follow up of 311 calls and petitions for various issues:
  •  Ferry Service to the S.E. Bronx
  • Streets to be graded and paved
  • Drainage Abatement in areas
  • Water Quality of Westchester Creek to be addressed
  • Floatables(Debris) in Ferry Point Park to be removed.

  · Monday June 27  Let’s Talk: RE-MEET & GREETCoffee/Tea/ Beverages, Adults onlyIntroduce each other, share contacts, list children in neighborhood, list interests and concerns. (add to contact list) 

  · Saturday July 23rd 1st Annual Catherine Poggi Memorial BBQFounder of the First Ferry Point Civic Group 1963 (in place of July 25 Meeting) By Invitation/RSVP  (Separate yard Free Cat Adoption to our Friends) 


  · Monday August 29th GASLAND THE MOVIEGet to watch a movie about the Hydraulic Fracturing beneath our Farmland and Watershed of NYC Drinking Water. See for yourself  Hydro Frackin’ should be banned ! 


  · Saturday September 24, 2011 Historic– Walk and photos FPCAC/NEBCA/HRRP  St. Josephs School for the Deaf & Msgr. Scanlan HS from 1913 · Monday September 26, 2011 History-Bronx/Whitestone Bridge change from Ferris Lane to Hutchinson River Pkwy.Building of the Bridge 1939 Slide show and Discussion 


  Happy Halloween Today Monday October 31, 20115th Annual “Trick or Treat” Halloween Crafts for the Children. Adults are Welcome to stay for Halloween Cake and coffee to discuss any concerns 


  Happy Thanksgiving on the 24th· Monday November 28, 2011 Waterways of the East Bronx includes Westchester Creek.2nd showing/ Updated Slide show and discussion 


  Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas Dec. 25· Monday December 26, 2011          No Meeting...enjoy!! 

  Happy New Year Jan. 1· Monday January 30, 2012 Closed Meeting of the Board as per Bylaws

Egg Nog and Hors D’oeuvres


  · Monday February 27, 2012       Usually cancelled due to weather CATCH UP! By now we will need a fill in catch up meeting  for old business.Review all issues: Traffic, Noise, Air, Quality of Life and Safety  


  · Monday March 26, 2012 (2 hrs)Bronx Park Speak Up Table/Raffle/Planning with BPGSC (Show updated Park PowerPoint )Review Park Schedule of Events1. Community Service Day2. Annual Spring Evaluation Photo/Walk3. It’s My Park Day Spring4. Annual Littoral Cleanup5. Tree Stewardship6. Waterfront Cleanup7. Annual Fall Evaluation  Photo/Walk8. Fall It’s My Park Day 


  · Monday April 30, 20124/8 Easter 4/22 Earth Day Story of Anne Hutchinson (Namesake) Of River and Parkway

· Pencil in Saturday May 5th

”Bloomin’ Earth” Garden Club Plan  free plant trading eventPossible plant sale fundraiser?Plant Sale /or Trade (To be determined) Memorial Day 5/28· Monday May 25, 2012Annual Updated Schedule & newsletter update Email Blast to recorded Residents and Businesses of Ferry Point (Brush Ave. and vicinity) History -Ferry Points Part  in the Revolutionary War                Slide show and Discussion  


  · Monday June 25, 2012 Update on all construction in Ferry PointIncludes update on Park and Golf Course

Sat. July 28th  2nd Annual   4th Sat. in July     

Catherine Poggi Memorial BBQFounder of the First Ferry Point Civic Group 1963 (in place of July  Meeting) By Invitation/RSVP  Separate yard Free Cat Adoption to our Friends) 


Annual Events Calendar
SPRING "It's My Park Day"
Sat. May 15th
Call for time9:30AM-2PM
Join Volunteers to plant, clean, paint etc.

Community Service day
Earth Day
Fri. April 30/raindate May 7

9:30am - 1:30 pm150 Volunteers help maintain the park

Spring Survey Photo Session
Holiday Egg Hunt
Walk, run, Dog walk, or Photo with Dotti 10:30am - whenever?
Egg Hunt to be determined

Summer Tree Stewardship

Working with or without Green Apple "Parks" Group, our volunteers will weed and mulch around sections of the 3000 sapling trees donated by the Prince of Monaco to create a 9/11 Living Memorial Forest at Ferry Point Park and hundreds of the Million tree plantings of Mayor Bloomberg 2007/2009/2010

Earth Day April 22 2010


Join Volunteers to Clean, Plant etc.


FALL "It's My Park Day"
Oct. 9:30 - 1:30
Hot Dogs and Daffodils

Annual Fall plantings of Daffodils and other bulbs to bloom in the spring .
Friends of Ferry Point Park along with Ferry Point Community Advocates welcomes all who pre-register
Free Hot Dogs /Beverage/snacks/Watermellon


JULY 23rd and or last Sat. of July each year

Catherine Poggi Memorial BBQ

In the back yards of

716, 722 ?, 720, 724 Brush Avenue

Combined Membership invite to






a safe place

Annual Halloween Costume Contest/ Trick or Treat

Awards, Candy, Snacks, Haunted Trail and more

Cup cake decorating at 724 Brush Ave, Evening


Adult Annual Christmas Party

 Holiday Party will be planned


AnnualNew Years Hot Co Co for the Children Party


Annual Christmas Tree Lighting

Plan for December/ Hot Co Co and Tree Lighting


ALL Events require  registration

Daisy, Spinning

Please get in touch and let us know what you think of this site . We're always looking for ways to improve our events and advocacy.

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